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News media

The Role of Television and Print Media in National Politics

There has never been a crucial time to reexamine the extent of the media’s role in influencing public opinion and the State’s national politics....

Dawn of a New Armageddon

This particular January morning starts out like almost every other Saturday morning here on Kaua’i, though the sunrise at first light is exceptionally beautiful,...
Make our planet great again

Make Our Planet Great Again – Another Made-in-China?

August 28, French environment minister Nicolas Hulot, an environmentalist and former TV personality, announced his resignation during a breakfast show on France Inter radio,...
Cyber attack

Cyberspace: Conundrum of Peace and Security for Democratic Institutions

Ever since the 2016 U.S Presidential elections articles and analyses are being made on the effect of the cyberspace in influencing and impacting international...
B1B Bomber

The Dangerous Illogic of Twenty-First-Century Deterrence Through Planning for Nuclear Warfighting

Within the next five years, the world will face for the first time since the early 1970s a world without meaningful formal arms control...
Container ship

Multilateralism and the Populist Agenda: A Historical Perspective

A Trending Uncertainty A major outcome of the recent rise of populism exhibited in numerous Western nations is protectionism, which represents a reversal of policy...
President Donald Trump scrapping of Iran Deal

Scrapping Iran Deal Sets Wrong Precedents for Global Non-Proliferation Regime

The Iran nuclear deal – or Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) – finalized in 2015 after almost 15 years of intense diplomacy, between...
Global Ethics

Global Ethics, an Elusive Dream

According to The World Bank , 766 million people survived on only $1.90 a day in 2013, and 1.5 billion people suffered a form...
Polar ice caps melting

Scramble for Arctic: The Potential for Conflict and Great Power Rivalry

The Arctic is the area around the North Pole.  It includes northern parts of the USA (Alaska), Canada, of Russia, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland,...

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