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Launched in 2017, The Geopolitics (TGP) endeavors to become a primary source of journalism, analysis, and commentary on international relations, world politics and a wide range of issues of global importance. We feature the voices of promising academics, policymakers, and local writers from all over the globe. The Geopolitics was created by people who want to be informed and have a deep interest in a broad range of subjects, from history to economics, international development to global terrorism—and aim to make the magazine accessible to all.


Rehan Ahmed

Rehan Ahmed is a Senior Editor and writer at The Geopolitics. He writes on foreign policy, international security, South Asian geopolitics and counter-terrorism. He has written for several other journals and magazines. His recent book, “Sensibility: A Layman’s Commentary of The Conquest of Happiness,” is a critical commentary of Bertrand Russell, the writer, political activist, and Nobel laureate.

Joseph S.

Joseph graduated with a degree in Business Administration from the National University of Singapore and is a CFA and CAIA charterholder. He enjoys geopolitics and study international politics extensively. Joseph currently lives in Hong Kong.

Matthew MacKay

Matthew MacKay is an avid reader and writer with a background in communications and technology. He enjoys researching, analyzing, and opining on geopolitical topics and holds a Master of Arts in Organizational Communication and a Bachelor of Science in Communication Studies from Ohio University.

Md. Aslam Hossain
Md. Aslam Hossain is an author and analyst. His research focuses on geopolitics, international political economy and global security.



Dr. Fatima-Zohra Er-Rafia

Dr. Fatima-Zohra Er-Rafia is a lecturer at HEC Montréal and Polytechnique Montréal, a consultant, and an independent researcher. She previously served as a Corporate Strategist at Desjardins Group and as a Management Consultant, Director of Operations, and a Strategy and Business Development Consultant at Stratégies Internationales. For more info, visit:

Vivek Mishra

Vivek Mishra is a Research Fellow at Indian Council of World Affairs, New Delhi.  He is also Assistant Professor (on leave) in International Relations at the Netaji Institute for Asian Studies, Kolkata and Deputy Director, Kalinga Institute of Indo-Pacific Studies, Bhubaneswar. He has been 2019 South Asian Voices Visiting Fellow at the Stimson Center, Washington D.C. and a Fulbright Visiting Scholar in the Saltzman Institute of War & Peace, School of International Public Affairs, Columbia University, NY. Vivek has completed his PhD in International Relations at Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi.

Dr. Ali Bilgenoğlu

Dr. Ali Bilgenoğlu is an Assistant Professor at the Department of International Relations, Adnan Menderes University in Aydin, Turkey.

Linda Schlegel

Linda Schlegel holds a BA in Liberal Arts from the University College Maastricht and an MA in Terrorism, Security and Society from King's College London. She currently works as a counter-terrorism consultant at the Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Berlin.

Aslam Hossain

Md. Aslam Hossain is a senior editor of The Geopolitics. He is an author and analyst. His research focuses on geopolitics, international political economy and global security.



David Hutt

David Hutt is a European-based political journalist, who reported from Southeast Asia between 2014 and 2019, is Southeast Asia Columnist at the Diplomat, a columnist for Asia Times, and writes for Foreign Policy, Nikkei Asian Review, South China Morning Post, and other international publications. 

Dr. Farhad Rezaei

Dr. Farhad Rezaei is a visiting professor at the Department of Political Science, Glendon College, York University, Toronto. He is the author of numerous books and articles on Politics in the Middle East and North Africa, as well as Iran’s foreign and defense policies. His writings have appeared in the National Interest, Harvard Iran-Matters, Middle East Journal, Middle East Policy, Atlantic Council, the Hill, and International Affairs among others. His latest book (co-authored with Prof. O. Seliktar) is “Iran, Revolution, and Proxy Wars,” Palgrave Macmillan.

Tridivesh Singh Maini

Tridivesh Singh Maini is a New Delhi based policy analyst and associate professor at OP Jindal Global University, Sonipat, India. One of his areas of interest is the India-Pakistan-China triangle.

Keyu Chen

Keyu Chen served as financial translator for Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan and Deutsche Bank. He holds M.A. in international journalism and communication from Beijing Foreign Studies University.

Annalisa Nash Fernandez

Annalisa Nash Fernandez is an intercultural strategist at BecauseCulture. As a former corporate executive with various expatriate posts in emerging markets, and a linguist, she advises multinational corporations on cultural elements in technology and digital communication. She holds a degree in international finance from Georgetown University, and a master’s in language from the University of Wisconsin.

Seksan Anantasirikiat

Seksan Anantasirikiat is a researcher at KlangPanya Institute for National Strategies, Thailand.

Daniel Odin Shaw

Daniel Odin Shaw is a Scotland-based scholar working on post-conflict peacebuilding dynamics. He also focuses on political violence, non-state actors, security governance, gender and territorial politics.

Ian Fleming

Ian Fleming, M.A. & B. A in International Politics by the University of South Africa. He has been published in Asian Journal of Peace. His areas of research include nuclear diplomacy, cybersecurity, and foreign policy. He is currently serving on the IAPSS authorial board and is the Chairperson of the IAPSS SRC on Conflict Security & Crime.

Sheikh Shabir

Sheikh Shabir Kulgami is a Kashmiri (Indian) political commentator, analyst and columnist. He writes extensively on South Asia.



Md. Suzauzzaman Khan
Communications Officer

Mr. Khan works as a Communications Officer at The Geopolitics. He has earned his Bsc. & Msc. in Electronics and Communications Engineering by the University of Information, Technology and Science.


Md. Anwar Hossen
Technical Support Specialist

Md. Anwar Hossen is responsible for the appearance and maintenance of the site. Moreover, he also brings new features so that it becomes consistently more user-friendly.