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Prime Minister Kishida having a TV talk with the Australian Prime Minister

Charting Strategic Cyber Cooperation in the Australia-Japan Bilateral Relationship

The continuing fluid and tenuous political situation in Tokyo elicits questions over the future scope and direction of the Australia-Japan strategic engagement, particularly amid...
decommissioning ceremony of USS McInerney

Why Transactionalism Will Dictate the US-Pakistan Relationship

In an interview with CNN, on Sept. 15, 2021, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan commented on the situation in Afghanistan, and the current state...
President Biden and Vice President Harris

Indo-Pacific and the Era of Minilateralism

Days before the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue meetings were to graduate from virtual space to physical one, the emergence of AUKUS (US Pact with UK...
US President Joe Biden

AUKUS Damages the EU, and America is Truly Back

President Joe Biden promised a resurgent and a more engaged American foreign policy with his slogan “America is back.” To be fair, 2000’s America...

Raisi’s ‘Pivot to Asia’ and Reviving Relations With Saudi Arabia

Iran's presidential election was held on June 18, 2021, and Ebrahim Raisi was elected the eighth president of Iran. The president is a prominent...
Boko Haram terrorists

Chaos in Afghanistan Is Hiding a New Threat: Terror in North Africa

While the world reels from the shock of the rapid gains made by Taliban in dislodging the Kabul government and establishing an Islamic Emirate...
US troops withdrawal from Afghanistan

The Crucial Question Biden Didn’t Ask About His Troop Withdrawal From Afghanistan

Hundreds of thousands of words will be written and spoken about Afghanistan and President Biden’s decision to withdraw all U.S. troops by Aug. 31....
GCC Head Of States

GCC Member States: Important Players in Afghanistan

GCC countries have been trying to enhance their strategic influence in recent years. While in terms of economic progress all Gulf countries have made...
Mohammad bin Salman (MBS) at a meeting

Evolving Challenges to Saudi Arabia’s Status Quo in the Middle East

Saudi Arabia is considered an established regional power in the Middle East. It has a preeminent position in the Arab League alongside Egypt, and...

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