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Military Exercise With Uzbekistan: India’s first Step Towards Hard Power Projection in Central Asia

A military exercise named Dustlik–2019 was held between the armies of India and Uzbekistan from 4th to 13th November. This was the first ever...
Vladimir Putin observed the main stage of Vostok-2018 military manoeuvres

Russia’s Asia Pacific Engagements Largely Underestimated

Although Russia had a significant military and economic engagement in the Asia Pacific region during the days of the Soviet Union, the demise of...
Chinese President Xi Jinping

The Best of Both Worlds: Chinese Foreign Policy Through the Lens of Realism and...

Major theoretical paradigms concerning the interpretation of China’s foreign policy - Realism and Liberalism, have helped combine a multiplicity of theories and insights to...

From Look East to Act East: Flowering of an Asian Renaissance

The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on an official trip to Thailand met with Prime Minister of Thailand Gen. (retd.) Prayut Chan-o-cha on the sidelines of...

India’s Naval Ambitions: Has it Realised the Mahanian Moment?

Alfred Thayer Mahan, in his work “The Influence of Sea Power upon History”, had observed the extraordinary potential the sea offers to a country’s...
Gwadar Port

CPEC: Security Burden on Pakistan’s Weak Economy?

China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is an under-construction project that connects Gwadar (Pakistan) to Kashgar (China), through the development of railways, highways, and pipelines. The...

Has the US Lost the Plot in Syria?

By withdrawing the entire contingent of 1,000 troops from Northern Syria, the Americans lost the entire presence in Syria by ceding vital ground to...

The Dependency Model: United States and the Gulf

The foregone conclusion of the United States reliance on its allies in the West Asian region is on resurgence. But the alliance network does...

Renewed Instability in the Middle East: Peace Remains Elusive

The Turkish military assault on Northeastern Syria threatens renewed chaos in the Middle East, elevates the risk of a fault-line war in the turbulent...

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