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The Indian Navy Corvettes in formation during Malabar Exercise

The Quad: An Alternative Security Strategy for India

If India can address its concerns, and attain clarity on its strategic objects, the Quad and Quad Plus could provide a unique opportunity for it to harness its growing strategic partnership with the democratic countries.
22nd ASEAN-Japan Summit

The South China Sea Needs ASEAN More Than Ever

It is imperative for ASEAN to work towards a common response, else it risks continuing to remain a mere pawn in the broader US-China contest.
Khamenei and Xi Jinping

The Iran-China Axis: A Threat in the Indo-Pacific?

The New York Times reported that it obtained information last July 2020 that Iran and China have forged a “25-year comprehensive partnership” that would develop...
C17 Globemaster flying over Blue Ridge Mountain

Realignment of US Military Presence in Europe

On June 15, President Trump first confirmed his plans for limiting the number of troops stationed in Germany. The news which was first reported...
President Xi Jinping of PRC

In Pandemic and in Geopolitics, China is Winning

As the global health crisis continues to challenge governments, geopolitical tensions continue to plague Southeast Asia in the context of the South China Sea...
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte

Closer Philippines-India Ties Can Benefit the US

When Rodrigo Duterte came to power as President of the Philippines in 2016, China saw an opportunity to pull the traditional U.S. ally away...
Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS John C. Stennis

Paranoia on China? The Case for US Leadership in the Indo-Pacific

The 2003 invasion of Iraq spelled nostalgia in the world stage regarding United States when it repudiated the United Nations Security Council to topple Iraqi...
Xi Jinping visits Iran

China-Iran Strategic Nexus: Implications for Pakistan

China and Iran are reportedly mulling over striking a strategic-cum-economic deal worth $400 billion. The yet-to-conclude deal is reportedly dropping India out of the...
Ali Khamenei and Xi Jinping

Iran-China Agreement: Will It impact India’s Regional Connectivity Efforts?

After a period of over four months, transit trade with Afghanistan via the Wagah-Attari land crossing (boundary separating India and Pakistan) has resumed recently....