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PN Modi and the President Donald Trump at delegation level talks in White House

The Contention Over Dairy Products in US-India Trade Talks

India must strengthen its ‘non-negotiable stand’ against America’s attempts to flood domestic dairy industry with blood meal for reasons beyond cultural and religious sentiments. Last...

BRI and the China-Ethiopia Relationship

The long term economic and political implications of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) have been articulated, and debated extensively by scholars, strategic analysts,...

Military Exercise With Uzbekistan: India’s first Step Towards Hard Power Projection in Central Asia

A military exercise named Dustlik–2019 was held between the armies of India and Uzbekistan from 4th to 13th November. This was the first ever...
President Evo Morales of Bolivia

Departure of Evo Morales Leads to Political Uncertainty in Bolivia

Bolivia is one of the land-locked countries located in western-central South American region which is going through a phase of political uncertainty. Problem started...
Vladimir Putin observed the main stage of Vostok-2018 military manoeuvres

Russia’s Asia Pacific Engagements Largely Underestimated

Although Russia had a significant military and economic engagement in the Asia Pacific region during the days of the Soviet Union, the demise of...

Local Election in Hong Kong: A Referendum for Democratic Reform

District council elections in Hong Kong were held in a largely safe and orderly environment on 24 November 2019. The District Council in Hong...
Kamuthi Solar Park

Power Purchase Agreement – A Low Risk Proposition for Solar Power Generation Companies

This paper is not related to core aspects of international relations but a regional specific issue in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India. The...
Rohingya refugee camp

British Rule and Partition in South Asia: Blueprint of two Refugee Crises

When the alleged birthplace of Prince Rama of Ayodhya was given to Hindu litigants on November 9th by the Supreme Court of India, commentators...
Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan

Kashmir and Afghanistan: Pakistan’s Choices and Options

India’s unilateral and illegal decision to annex Kashmir has immediate, medium and long term motives, and interestingly, all its objectives are directly or indirectly...

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