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Golden Temple, Punjab

The Impact of Covid-19 on Punjab’s Economy

The lack of vision of Punjab policymakers, & New Delhi’s tendency to view the state from the lens of security has resulted in serious socioeconomic problems.
State Public Health Laboratory in Exton Tests for COVID19

A Comparative Study of the Novel Coronavirus in US, Brazil and India

Many blame U.S.’s current situation on the rather indifferent response of the U.S. government to the pandemic.
Refugees during partition of India

Colonial Legacy and Majoritarianism in South Asia

Majoritarian trends across India, Bangladesh and Pakistan have been heavily influenced by colonial history which eventually lead to the Partition of India and Pakistan along religious lines.
Cambodian garment workers

Cambodia’s Commercial Deal With China No Substitute for Loss of Trade Privileges From EU...

The arrest of Cambodian Confederation of Unions president Rong Chhun betrays the narrowing options facing Prime Minister Hun Sen as the partial withdrawal of the country’s...
The Indian Navy Corvettes in formation during Malabar Exercise

The Quad: An Alternative Security Strategy for India

If India can address its concerns, and attain clarity on its strategic objects, the Quad and Quad Plus could provide a unique opportunity for it to harness its growing strategic partnership with the democratic countries.
22nd ASEAN-Japan Summit

The South China Sea Needs ASEAN More Than Ever

It is imperative for ASEAN to work towards a common response, else it risks continuing to remain a mere pawn in the broader US-China contest.
PM Imran Khan and President Erdogan

Pakistan’s Efforts to Internationalize Kashmir Will Create Fault Lines in the OIC

Pakistan's attempt to internationalize the Kashmir issue may create fault lines within the OIC.
Khamenei and Xi Jinping

The Iran-China Axis: A Threat in the Indo-Pacific?

The New York Times reported that it obtained information last July 2020 that Iran and China have forged a “25-year comprehensive partnership” that would develop...

Belarus: Waiting for Destabilization

Presidential election in Belarus, scheduled for Aug. 9, will be the most interesting one in the past 26 years. President Alexander Lukashenko, who has...