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PN Modi and the President Donald Trump at delegation level talks in White House

The Contention Over Dairy Products in US-India Trade Talks

India must strengthen its ‘non-negotiable stand’ against America’s attempts to flood domestic dairy industry with blood meal for reasons beyond cultural and religious sentiments. Last...
President Evo Morales of Bolivia

Departure of Evo Morales Leads to Political Uncertainty in Bolivia

Bolivia is one of the land-locked countries located in western-central South American region which is going through a phase of political uncertainty. Problem started...

Has the US Lost the Plot in Syria?

By withdrawing the entire contingent of 1,000 troops from Northern Syria, the Americans lost the entire presence in Syria by ceding vital ground to...

California Fires: The Remorseless Revenge of History – A Paradise Lost

History is taking a fantastic step backwards by building the ruins of the future. Once again, wildfires are burning across California, sparked by the dumping...

The Dependency Model: United States and the Gulf

The foregone conclusion of the United States reliance on its allies in the West Asian region is on resurgence. But the alliance network does...

Why Trump’s Legacy and America’s Future in the Region Hinges on the Hong Kong...

The crisis in Hong Kong may not be receiving the full attention of the Trump administration with their focus on trade negotiations, immigration, Iran,...

Demystifying Trump Administration’s “Human Rights” Approach towards China

Donald Trump may be considered as the president with the least democratic and the most autocratic characteristics in modern American history. As Trump has...

Why China-U.S. Trade War is a Test for Autocratic and Democratic Regimes?

When the China-U.S. trade war started a year ago, China was apparently on the defensive. It promised astronomical amount of imports from the U.S....
President Donald Trump

Towards a Neo-Monroe Doctrine: American Hegemony in the Trump Era

A profound change was taking place across the Americas in the 1820s. The gigantic realm of New Spain, once a pinnacle in the European...

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