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BRI and the China-Ethiopia Relationship

The long term economic and political implications of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) have been articulated, and debated extensively by scholars, strategic analysts,...
Vladimir Putin observed the main stage of Vostok-2018 military manoeuvres

Russia’s Asia Pacific Engagements Largely Underestimated

Although Russia had a significant military and economic engagement in the Asia Pacific region during the days of the Soviet Union, the demise of...

Local Election in Hong Kong: A Referendum for Democratic Reform

District council elections in Hong Kong were held in a largely safe and orderly environment on 24 November 2019. The District Council in Hong...

India–China Frictions and Potentials: An Economic Dialogue

In the recently held Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) Summit in Thailand, India decided to pull out and not to go ahead in finalizing the trade deal....

The Fallacy in Chinese “Whataboutism”: Comparison of Chinese and Western “Political Correctness”

The latest dispute between China and the U.S. over the Houston Rocket manager’s tweet and the NBA marks the apparent spillover of confrontation between...
Chinese President Xi Jinping

The Best of Both Worlds: Chinese Foreign Policy Through the Lens of Realism and...

Major theoretical paradigms concerning the interpretation of China’s foreign policy - Realism and Liberalism, have helped combine a multiplicity of theories and insights to...

Act Far East Policy: India’s Bear Hug

The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi paid an official visit to Russia in September 2019. The 20th India–Russia Annual Summit was held in Vladivostok....

China’s Latest Playful and Interactive Propaganda Strategy

For decades, the Chinese Communist Party’s official propaganda styles have been dismissed as outdated and unpersuasive. Repeated grandiose and praising rhetoric in state-run media...

The Indo-US strategic partnership: Lack of Trust?

The recent warning from the US administration of sanctions under the 2017 CAATSA act against the Indian purchase of S-400 missile defence systems points...

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