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Chairman Kim Jong Un DPRK

Should Kim Jong Un Suddenly Exit His Reign, It Would Spell the End of...

There is the distinct possibility that Kim Jong Un may suddenly end his reign as a result of his tumultuous health. This risk has...
Vice President Biden Raises a Toast in Honor of Chinese President Xi

China-US ties: Realities vs Rhetoric

Former Chinese Ambassador to the US, Cui Tiankai while speaking last month at a symposium organized by a research institute linked to the Chinese...
American and Chinese flags

US-China Cold War and Its Impact on the Global Economic Landscape in 2022

The Biden administration announced on Dec. 16, 2021, that it had imposed sanctions on Chinese tech companies and government entities for their role in...
Rice combine harvester japan

Is Japan Hospitable to Foreign Workers Sustaining the Country’s Basic Industry?

Agriculture in Japan is the most aged industry in one of the world’s most aged economies. Strikingly, the average age of the country’s 1.3...
Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall in Nanjing City, China.

Cold Case of Nanjing Tragedy

Nanjing massacre refers to mass killings, acts of sexual violence and forced experiments to which the peaceful Chinese population was subjected by the Japanese invaders in 1937.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Vladimir Putin at the 2017 Shanghai Cooperation Organisation summit in Astana, Kazakhstan

India-Russia Relations Amid Global Geopolitical Flux

Putin’s visit to India comes at a time when the world is in a flux due to increasing polarization and complex global geopolitical rivalry.
Australia and India 2 plus 2 dialogue

The Rising Vitality of 2+2 Dialogues for the Indo-Pacific

Besides Russia and US, India has 2+2 dialogue mechanism with Australia and Japan.
Xinjiang locator map

China Is Not Committing Genocide in Xinjiang

Genocide committed by the Chinese government in the Chinese province of Xinjiang is a commonplace narrative that gained speed over the past year or...
President Xi Jinping of PRC

China Enters the Era of Cultural Resolution

The most powerful leader since Mao. In reality, President Xi Jinping has less control than the paranoid Mao but is more powerful as China...

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