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China’s Emerging Strategy for Power Projection in the Indian Ocean

New Chinese Strategy is complex and sophisticated unlike previously imagined In a speech delivered at the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China...
Chinese President Xi Jinpong

‘Leftover Women’ in Xi’s New China

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) founded in July 1921 is celebrating centenary year of its foundation in 2021. Much has been talked and touted...

Impact of China’s One-child Policy on Women

China’s one-child policy is the biggest social engineering project in human history that places women’s reproductive autonomy at its heart. Aimed at curbing population...
Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier

French Naval Activity in the South China Sea on the Rise

With its otherwise boring rocks and desolate sandbanks, the South China Sea is one of the most contested places on Earth. Assessments of a...
Chinese President Xi Jinping

China’s Policies Are Fuelling Hostile Jihadi Sentiment Around the World

China’s domestic security measures and its foreign policy actions have incensed a global array of jihadi elements. Consequently, the Islamic State (IS), al-Qaeda (AQ),...
Taipei Skyline

Is Taiwan’s Power Infrastructure Ready for a Possible Cross-Strait Conflict?”

The past months proved to be challenging for Taiwan. Amidst the surging numbers of confirmed cases of COVID-19, the island has also succumbed to...
Chinese Children and snowman

Three Children, Same Outcome: What China Needs to Do to Fix Its Demographic Conundrum

To smooth out what could prove to be a drastic demographic decline, the Chinese government announced their newly minted three-child policy during the May...
Chinese flag

Silenced Voices: Awakening to the Reality of Chinese Media

In recent times, China’s Press backed by those in power has not only enhanced its presence in the global news network but also exponentially...
Tsai Ing Wen

“America Can Help?”: In Vaccine Diplomatic Isolation, Washington Calls Taiwan’s Shots

As calls from the KMT opposition to buy Chinese-made vaccines grow louder and Latin American allies threaten to cut ties for doses, the stakes for US-Taiwan ties grow higher. The...

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