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PM Abiy Ahmed

Ethiopia’s Non-viable Ceasefire

The ceasefire announced in Tigray represents the non-viability of a truce when warring parties decry each other’s existence, promote...
Zarif and Wang Yi Signing 25-year agreement

Will China-Iran Ties Deepen as a Result of Instability in Afghanistan?

As a result of the deteriorating security situation in Afghanistan, after the withdrawal of US troops from there, and...
Al-Hol refugee camp in Syria

As COVID-19 Distracts the World, IS Regroups in the Shadows

In the shadows of the COVID-19 pandemic and with the world’s attention focused on the virus, the Islamic State...
Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani

Qatarizing the Lebanese Crisis

The steep and rapid socio-economic crisis in Lebanon has enabled the resurgence of Qatari influence via soft power diplomacy....

Global Economy

Three Decades After Big-bang Reforms, India Remains a Low-Middle-Income Country

In 1990-91, Indian Economy was on the brink of collapse. The country was reeling under extreme economic pressure with...

Migrant Workers From Remittance Dependent Countries Are Being Forced Back Into Poverty by COVID-19

The wide-ranging effects of the Covid-19 global pandemic are almost unfathomable. Every day we hear of a different sub-section...

As Oil Reserves Decrease, the GCC States Look to Urgently Diversify Their Economies

The market for natural resources is utterly fragile and unpredictable. Thus, depending solely on the exportation of oil was...