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Hassan Akhund with other Taliban leaders

Afghanistan and the Road Ahead

Despite all odds and uncertainties facing Afghanistan, the caretaker government needs to win international support and confidence to open the door for the opportunities in all walks of life.
Gurdwara Darbar Sahib Kartarpur, is also known as the corridor of ‘international peace & harmony’

The Importance of Soft Power in Punjab-Punjab Ties

While it is true that diplomacy is complex business and ties between India and Pakistan are driven by a myriad of factors, there is no reason for civil society, activists and academics to stop making attempts towards improving relations between both countries.
An aerial view of Gwadar city, Balochistan

Demographic Changes in Balochistan: The Baloch Identity

Balochistan is the westernmost largest province of  Pakistan. It has a common border with Iran in the west, Afghanistan in the northwest, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab provinces in northeast and...
Sheikh Hasina PM of Bangladesh

Bangladesh : A Force to Reckon in U.S. Geostrategic Calculation

Bangladesh has traversed 50 years of its independence. The country — once pejoratively termed as “basket case” — has captured global attention recently due...
Taliban Fighters with guns

Neo-Taliban Turns Digital: A Reconquest Strategy

The Taliban have seized the US military's biometric devices storing biometric information of the US army and the local Afghans which can be used to hunt down people who passively or actively supported the US presence in Afghanistan.
Taliban leaders

How Taliban’s Emirate Is Beneficial for India

The media has been focusing on the Taliban threat to India without understanding how its rise benefits India in the 21st century. Nation states...

Afghanistan’s Economic and Humanitarian Challenges: Responses of the Global Community

On Sept. 30, 2021, China's first batch of aid materials arrived in Kabul. Afghanistan’s humanitarian and economic challenges have been repeatedly flagged by the...
US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan

Afghanistan May Trigger a Competition Between Russia and China

The situation unfolding in Afghanistan post-Taliban takeover poses a serious security concern for the entire region as well as the world. The new reality...
Taliban Fighters

The Taliban Government Is a Nightmare for Afghan Minorities

The quick victory of the Taliban was a terrifying nightmare for Afghan civilians, specifically ethnic and religious minorities. People in Afghanistan are currently on...

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