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Golden Temple, Punjab

The Impact of Covid-19 on Punjab’s Economy

The lack of vision of Punjab policymakers, & New Delhi’s tendency to view the state from the lens of security has resulted in serious socioeconomic problems.
Refugees during partition of India

Colonial Legacy and Majoritarianism in South Asia

Majoritarian trends across India, Bangladesh and Pakistan have been heavily influenced by colonial history which eventually lead to the Partition of India and Pakistan along religious lines.
Xi Jinping visits Iran

China-Iran Strategic Nexus: Implications for Pakistan

China and Iran are reportedly mulling over striking a strategic-cum-economic deal worth $400 billion. The yet-to-conclude deal is reportedly dropping India out of the...
Ali Khamenei and Xi Jinping

Iran-China Agreement: Will It impact India’s Regional Connectivity Efforts?

After a period of over four months, transit trade with Afghanistan via the Wagah-Attari land crossing (boundary separating India and Pakistan) has resumed recently....
Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi with the Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Ms. Sheikh Hasina

India Boosts Connectivity in South Asia Amid Tensions With Sri Lanka and Nepal

The recent diplomatic and political issues between India and its two neighbors, Sri Lanka and Nepal have strained India’s capabilities of becoming an effective...

Revisiting the ‘Chiyasi ko Andolan’ and the Notion of the ‘Bahira ko Manche’ (Outsiders),...

The quest of the native Nepali speaking people across South Asia to cartographically chart their emic self-defined identity in a map called Gorkhaland has...

Analyzing the South Asian Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

As the series of lockdowns culminate into a farrago of hostile decisions and far-reaching socio-economic consequences the world is seeing an unprecedented change in...
PM Narendra Modi and Suu Kyi

In Myanmar, A Rare Glimmer of Hope for Indian Regional Policy

In the barren, high altitude Himalayan region between China and India, a clash on June 15 left twenty Indian soldiers dead. Nationalists on both...
Police Protesters Clash after Eid Prayers in Kashmir

Kashmir Conflict: Drowning the Voice of the Voiceless

Relations between India and Pakistan continue to be soured and strained due to unresolved conflict in Kashmir. In the recent past, the relations have...