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Can the Broken Informal Sector of India Be Ever Fixed?

Throughout the world, COVID-19 has emerged as more than a health problem. It has also created devastating social, economic and other crises that are...
Solar power project in Fort Hunter Liggett

India’s Solar Spectrum: One Sun, One World, One Grid

India has the advantage of receiving peak solar radiation for 300 days due to its geographic positioning of lying in the tropical belt. The...
Ashraf Ghani addresses the press at the Presidential Palace

The Stalled Intra-Afghan Talks

The holding of Loya Jirga earlier this month to remove the last barrier on the road to intra-Afghan peace talks had raised prospects that...
PM Modi receives President Emmanuel Macron

France in India’s Changing China Policy

Post-Galwan, India’s foreign policy overtures are poised to show willingness to inculcate more robust security partnerships and economic alliances. In this regard, France emerges...

RCEP Trade Agreement: Where We Are Now and What Is India Seeking?

RCEP – Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership – is a free trade agreement in the Indo-Pacific Region between Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN)...
Golden Temple, Punjab

The Impact of Covid-19 on Punjab’s Economy

The lack of vision of Punjab policymakers, & New Delhi’s tendency to view the state from the lens of security has resulted in serious socioeconomic problems.
Refugees during partition of India

Colonial Legacy and Majoritarianism in South Asia

Majoritarian trends across India, Bangladesh and Pakistan have been heavily influenced by colonial history which eventually lead to the Partition of India and Pakistan along religious lines.
Xi Jinping visits Iran

China-Iran Strategic Nexus: Implications for Pakistan

China and Iran are reportedly mulling over striking a strategic-cum-economic deal worth $400 billion. The yet-to-conclude deal is reportedly dropping India out of the...
Ali Khamenei and Xi Jinping

Iran-China Agreement: Will It impact India’s Regional Connectivity Efforts?

After a period of over four months, transit trade with Afghanistan via the Wagah-Attari land crossing (boundary separating India and Pakistan) has resumed recently....

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