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Container ship

Rise of Economic Protectionism in Global Economy: Re-examining the Theory of Comparative Advantage

Recent trends in global economy have shown that many countries throughout the world have been undertaking measures that have been associated with what economists...
Waving Indian Flag in the sky

Three Decades After Big-bang Reforms, India Remains a Low-Middle-Income Country

In 1990-91, Indian Economy was on the brink of collapse. The country was reeling under extreme economic pressure with just enough foreign exchange reserves,...
Migrant workers from Asia

Migrant Workers From Remittance Dependent Countries Are Being Forced Back Into Poverty by COVID-19

The wide-ranging effects of the Covid-19 global pandemic are almost unfathomable. Every day we hear of a different sub-section of society who have had...
Dubai Skyline

As Oil Reserves Decrease, the GCC States Look to Urgently Diversify Their Economies

The market for natural resources is utterly fragile and unpredictable. Thus, depending solely on the exportation of oil was foundationally seen as unsustainable by...
Protest against military coup in Myanmar

How Will the Military Coup Impact Myanmar’s Struggling Economy?

On Feb. 01, 2021 the Myanmar military also known as Tatmadaw, dismissed the civilian-led and democratically elected National League of Democracy (NLD) government and...
Brexit EU Britain

Brexit Will Not Impact Free Trade, But Free Movement of People

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that Britain has taken back control of its laws, borders, and fishing waters, after the UK and European...
Liz Truss, the UK's secretary of state for international trade, meets with Japanese Foreign Minister Toshimitsu Motegi

UK-Japan Free Trade Agreement and Its Economic and Strategic Implications

The United Kingdom and Japan signed a trade agreement in October 2020. The deal is significant, because it was the first such agreement UK...
Covid-19 immunity test

Economic Recovery Depends on Putting COVID-19 Immunity to Best Use

Policies on managing the end of COVID-19 deconfinements continue to take insufficient account of the immunity acquired by those who have had the illness. The...
location map of Africa map

Africa’s Boom and Bust Cycle Threatens Three Decades of Relative Peace and Prosperity

Africa has enjoyed relative peace and prosperity during the past three decades in sharp contrast to the 1980s known as the ‘lost decade.’ From...

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