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Damaged Building in Yemen

The Case for a UN Feminist Policy Toward Yemen

Yemen is nearing a catastrophic phase of its seven-year war, a conflict that has already caused 130,000 deaths largely due to  lack of access...

Raisi’s ‘Pivot to Asia’ and Reviving Relations With Saudi Arabia

Iran's presidential election was held on June 18, 2021, and Ebrahim Raisi was elected the eighth president of Iran. The president is a prominent...
Boko Haram terrorists

Chaos in Afghanistan Is Hiding a New Threat: Terror in North Africa

While the world reels from the shock of the rapid gains made by Taliban in dislodging the Kabul government and establishing an Islamic Emirate...
GCC Head Of States

GCC Member States: Important Players in Afghanistan

GCC countries have been trying to enhance their strategic influence in recent years. While in terms of economic progress all Gulf countries have made...
Mohammad bin Salman (MBS) at a meeting

Evolving Challenges to Saudi Arabia’s Status Quo in the Middle East

Saudi Arabia is considered an established regional power in the Middle East. It has a preeminent position in the Arab League alongside Egypt, and...
Chinese President Xi Jinping

Debt Trap Politics: Assessment of Economic Aid in Africa

In international politics as well as in foreign policy, offering or receiving economic aid is not unheard of. Economic aid as a tool to...
Oil Tanker

The Evolution of the Tanker War in the Persian Gulf

On July 30, 2021, the tanker Mercer Street was attacked by a suicide drone off the coast of Oman. Mercer Street is a Liberian-flagged,...
Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi

Why the Revival of JCPOA Is Likely to Take Time

Over the past few months, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman (MBS) has been focusing on improving Saudi Arabia’s bilateral relations with Iran, Qatar...
Zarif and Wang Yi Signing 25-year agreement

Will China-Iran Ties Deepen as a Result of Instability in Afghanistan?

As a result of the deteriorating security situation in Afghanistan, after the withdrawal of US troops from there, and the bus explosion in Upper...

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