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Palestinian flag

Palestine: The New Route for Turkey’s Blue Homeland Doctrine

A few days earlier, Turkish newspaper Yeni Safak reported that Ankara has taken the first step to re-implement the Libyan model with the Palestinians...
Israel bombed the press offices in Gaza Strip

Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Why Peace Remains Elusive

Israel-Palestine conflict is back in news with renewed violence and bloodshed. For the Palestinians, the unresolved conflict continues to deprive them of their cherished...
The Israeli bombing of civilian buildings in Gaza strip

Israel-Palestine Conflict: Biden’s First Foreign Policy Test?

President Biden a centrist Democrat has faced criticism on a number of issues during his four months, and has been dubbed as an ‘establishment...
Downing Street pro-Palestinian demonstration

Peaceful Co-existence of Israel and Palestine Is the Only Way Out

Standing next to the smiling Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, former President of US, Donald Trump announced a 181-page Middle East plan, dubbed as...

Why R2P Matters: The Tigrayan Crisis

The war crimes, including ethnic cleansing and deliberate starvation in Tigray, constitute the grounds for humanitarian intervention and the implementation of the “Responsibility to...
Biden delivers speech

Biden Administration’s GCC Outreach and the Revival of JCPOA

In recent weeks some progress has been made with regard to the revival of the 2015 Iran Nuclear Agreement/JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action)...
Mohammad bin Salman (MBS) at a meeting

Why Saudi Arabia Held Secret Talks With Iran

A few days ago, the Financial Times claimed in a report that high-ranking officials from Iran and Saudi Arabia had held direct talks in...
US Capitol building

The Saudi WMD Act: A Barrier to Saudi Arabia’s Nuclear Ambitions

A few days earlier, a number of US lawmakers in the Senate introduced a bill that would monitor Saudi Arabia's nuclear activities and prevent...
Lebanese flag floating

China in Lebanon: A Mirage of Help

Chinese aid in Lebanon should be conditional or else it will fragment the society even more. China accounts for 40% of Lebanon’s imports, amounting to...

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