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US Turkey flags

Strategic Implications of US Sanctions on Turkey

The conflict of interest between the US and Turkey stems from the former’s support of the People’s Protection Units - Kurdistan Workers Party (YPG-PKK)...
Emir of Qatar Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani

Can Qatar Emerge as a Bridge Between Iran and the GCC?

Days after the solidarity and stability agreement was signed at the annual Gulf Cooperation Council summit (GCC) to end the blockade imposed by  Saudi...
Vice President Joe Biden and PM Netanyahu

What Does a Biden Presidency Mean for Israeli-Palestinian Conflict?

With the change of power just a few days away in Washington and the president-elect Joe Biden all set to take over from the...

Israel’s Diplomatic Offensive: Rationale and Regional Implications for the Middle East

Israel as of late has been on a diplomatic offensive, establishing ties with the UAE, Bahrain, Sudan, Morocco, and Bhutan just in the span...
Joe Biden and President Erdogan

How Did the US and Turkey Become Frenemies?

In 1946, the relatively neutral post-WW2 Turkey found itself in a potentially disastrous tension with the USSR over the status of the Turkish Straits...
Ethiopian military

Ethiopia’s War Driven by a Dejected Tigray Regional Power Elite

Many commentators have characterized the Ethiopia-Tigray War as a tribal warfare. They maintain that the Ethiopian Federal Government is waging a war against the...
location map of Africa map

Africa’s Boom and Bust Cycle Threatens Three Decades of Relative Peace and Prosperity

Africa has enjoyed relative peace and prosperity during the past three decades in sharp contrast to the 1980s known as the ‘lost decade.’ From...
Joe Biden President elect

US Middle East Policy Under a Biden Administration: Beyond transactionalism?

The US President-elect Joe Biden during his campaign laid a lot of emphasis on the need for dialogue and engagement for resolving complex geopolitical...
Rwanda Flag in the sky

Rwanda Sought to Create Prosperity on Conference Tourism — Covid-19 Wrecked the Delusion

Rwanda received two sets of bad news in August-October 2020. First, Moody’s Investors Service (Moody’s) downgraded the country’s economic outlook from stable to negative....

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