Middle East

Hezbollah-Iran’s Precision Missile Program: Serious Strategic-Military Implications

Hezbollah’s anti-tank missiles attack at IDF base on the Sep. 03 was a swift retaliation; the armed group responded quickly to the Israeli airstrikes...

Fair play, Not Foul Play

Djibouti has the right to reject the outcome of the deeply flawed and unfair process of the African Union. On August 22, the African Union...

Iran and the West: India Caught in the Crossfire

As tensions between Iran and the West continue to escalate in West Asia, India finds itself caught in the crossfire and its energy and...

Middle Eastern Conflict Scenarios: How Wars Between Iran and the US, Israel and Saudi...

With the military defeat of the Islamic State and the al-Assad regime’s grim victory in Syria’s civil war, there has been much speculation about...

US-Iran Crisis: The Way Out

Notwithstanding the ‘maximum pressure strategy’ adopted by the United States of America to change Iran’s behavior in keeping with the US interests, Tehran appears...

Iraq’s Security Heart Is Still Troubled

Recently, several military delegations from Erbil and Baghdad have met to discuss the security situation in Kirkuk and other disputed areas. However, those meetings...

Afghan Refugees in Iran: Yesterday’s Assets, Today’s Troubles

Conflicts are rarely contained within a country's geographic borders, in fact, during the twenty-first century they have almost always impacted a country's neighbors.  This...

Changing Geopolitical Dynamics in the Persian Gulf and Broader Ramifications

The Persian Gulf has been on the spotlight for its geopolitical significance for a long time. Of course, in any historical period or occasion,...
The Carl Vinson Carrier Strike

A War With Iran Would Further Destabilize the Region

Just months before the neo-cons in the U.S. administration were preparing the grounds for invading Iraq, Secretary General of Arab League, Mr. Amar Mousa,...

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