Middle East

India-Iran-Afghanistan transit corridor map

Making Sense of Keeping Chabahar Out of US Sanctions

Amid heightened tensions due to the imposition of fresh sanctions by the US to punish Iran over its nuclear program has sent shivers to...
African Union Summit

The Case for Quality Academic Research in Africa

In the past two decades, Africa’s promising economy has attracted investors from across the globe. According to a McKinsey report in 2010, Africa’s economy...
PM Netanyahu

Netanyahu’s Victory: An Analysis

The victory of Benjamin Netanyahu, in the April 9 elections in Israel, attests to the fact that right-wing politics carries weight and falls easily...

Netanyahu Wins Again, But Why?

During the election night in Israel there were two victory speeches (with their corresponding victory tweets), one pronounced by Benjamin Netanyahu and the other...

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Recent Developments and Next Steps

The international community is concerned about the stalled Israeli-Palestinian peace process, and the knock-on effects on regional stability, and international tranquility. 25 years of...
Protest against Bouteflika

Plus Ҫa Change? Why True Change in Algeria Will be Difficult

Like many others around the world who have visited Algeria and follow its politics, I have been watching intently the development of the post-Bouteflika...

Golan Heights: America Is Getting Better at Undermining International Law

The U.S. president Donald Trump has recently signed a proclamation to officially recognize Golan Heights as Israeli territory, an area measuring seven hundred square...
Golan Heights

The Golan Heights: What’s at Stake With Trump’s Recognition

President Donald J. Trump’s recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights upends a half century of U.S. policy. The strategically important plateau has been widely considered...
An Iraqi soldier pulls security while awaiting further orders as part of a combined training event at Camp Taji, Iraq

Can Da’ish Reappear in Iraq?

On March 6, an ambush set by Da'ish in Kirkuk led to killing many of Iraqi Popular Mobilization fighters, which is considered a negative...

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