Taipei Skyline

Is Taiwan’s Power Infrastructure Ready for a Possible Cross-Strait Conflict?”

The past months proved to be challenging for Taiwan. Amidst the surging numbers of confirmed cases of COVID-19, the island has also succumbed to...
Chinese Children and snowman

Three Children, Same Outcome: What China Needs to Do to Fix Its Demographic Conundrum

To smooth out what could prove to be a drastic demographic decline, the Chinese government announced their newly minted three-child policy during the May...
Chinese flag

Silenced Voices: Awakening to the Reality of Chinese Media

In recent times, China’s Press backed by those in power has not only enhanced its presence in the global news network but also exponentially...
Tsai Ing Wen

“America Can Help?”: In Vaccine Diplomatic Isolation, Washington Calls Taiwan’s Shots

As calls from the KMT opposition to buy Chinese-made vaccines grow louder and Latin American allies threaten to cut ties for doses, the stakes for US-Taiwan ties grow higher. The...
Image credit: The White House

A Not So “Ironclad” Alliance: Key Takeaways From the US-RoK Leadership Meet

South Korean President Moon Jae-in became the second head of state, after Japan's Prime Minister Suga Yoshihide, to be invited to the White House...
European Union Flag at Berlaymont Building

The EU Strategy for the Indo-Pacific

Following the examples of France, Germany and the Netherlands, on April 16th, the European Union (EU) published the guidelines for an Indo-Pacific strategy. They...

Can Quad Survive?

The Quadrilateral Security Dialogue, an informal strategic alliance between India, the United States, Japan and Australia, has gained a fresh lease of life after...
PM Yoshihide Suga and President Biden

Reaffirming the Strengthening of the US-Japan Alliance

Forged in the wake of World War II, the US-Japan security alliance is important as ever for both the countries and for Asia as...
Japan South Korea Map

Japan and South Korea: Away and Beyond

With the release of the 2020 Defence White Paper in February 2021 by the Ministry of National Defence (MND) of the Republic of Korea,...

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