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Rare Earth Elements: Geopolitical Implications and Challenges for US National Security

Rare Earth Elements (REEs) are 17 elements, ranging from Lanthanum to Lutetium (lanthanides), as well as Yttrium and Scandium which share physical and chemical...
President Biden Addressing Leaders Climate Summit

Leaders Summit on Climate: Key Takeaways for US-China Relations

The  Leaders Summit on Climate hosted by President Joe Biden was attended by 40 world leaders. The summit held on April 22-23, 2021 was...
President Joe Biden in Pittsburgh

Learning From Biden on How to Counter Xenophobia and Hate Crimes

American President Joe Biden last week announced some steps that are meant to protect Asian-Americans from violent attacks in the United States. He has...
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How Refugees Benefit Local Communities

Events over the last couple of decades have brought refugees into sharp focus in the public consciousness. There is a clear humanitarian imperative to...

Health Concerns in Immigrant Detention Centers in America

When the Biden Administration recently reopened a Trump-era immigrant detention center for children in Texas, it brought renewed attention to the migrant healthcare crisis...
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‘All Men Are Created Equal’ But Every Vote Is Not

To a U.S. immigrant who grew up under a de facto dictatorship and election fraud, the quotation “All men are created equal” was unfamiliar...

The Multi-Layered Injustices Healthcare Workers of Color Face

Healthcare workers top the list of heroes in 2020. They put their health second behind their patients, worked countless hours to ensure communities descended...
President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris

What Does the United States’ Foreign Policy Reset Mean?

The United States’ foreign policy just hit another ‘reset milestone’, following the Trump administration's foreign policy that had almost diminished the country's global leadership...

Trust: Easy to Lose, Hard to Regain

The most significant negative impact of the Trump administration on the United States' ties with allies and partners has been a loss of trust....

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