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What Is Protecting Cambodians From COVID-19?

The visit to Cambodia of Hungarian Foreign Minister Pieter Szijjártó at the start of this month did not go entirely as planned. Having tested...
President Emmanuel Macron

French laïcité and Islam: A historical Understanding of the Islamic Question in France

The French government’s rapid action concerning the radical Islamist separatism has spearheaded a worldwide debate on French brand of secularism, and whether it is...
Empty classroom

Thailand’s COVID-19 Education Crisis

Given its strategic location in the heart of Southeast Asia, Thailand is a popular regional transportation hub that welcomes millions of people each year....
US Marines board, search and seize Somalia pirates

Cradle With Guns: Juvenile Piracy in Somalia Needs Attention

Youssef. M, an eighteen-year-old facing trial in Germany, revealed that he earned $2-3 per day as a night watchman. In 2010,  he was offered...

How Technology Is Impacting Global Health

There are few gifts more precious than the gift of health. There are few rights more fundamental than the right to consistent, high-quality healthcare....
Syrian refugees crossing the border of Hungary and Austria

Has Covid-19 Changed the UK’s Perception of the Migrant Crisis?

Covid-19 has challenged the world in many ways; from the devastating loss of life to the damaging economic impacts, no one could have predicted...
Black Lives Matter protest BLM

The global impact of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) Movement

Since 2013 the Black Lives Matter (BLM) Movement has transformed the debate around police brutality in the United States. However, the tangible impact of...
Black live matter movement

Contextualizing Black Lives Matter Movement in the American Context

The recent murder of George Floyd has brought American racialized injustice and state violence into renewed focus, which is amplified by Donald Trump’s divisive...
Refugees during partition of India

Colonial Legacy and Majoritarianism in South Asia

Majoritarian trends across India, Bangladesh and Pakistan have been heavily influenced by colonial history which eventually lead to the Partition of India and Pakistan along religious lines.