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California Fires: The Remorseless Revenge of History – A Paradise Lost

History is taking a fantastic step backwards by building the ruins of the future. Once again, wildfires are burning across California, sparked by the dumping...

Dismantling Structures and Healing Traumas: Making the case for Feminist Foreign Policy Solutions to...

In a recent article, Amy Hawkins wrote about how the world is “reaping the chaos the British Empire sowed.” Hamid Dabashi agreed, in a...

Social Media and National Security

The onset of twentieth century has witnessed the most symmetric and kinetic wars in the history of warfare, while the twenty-first century dawned with...

Europe, Iran, and the International Rules-based Order: Why This G7 Summit Matters

As the heady summer months which have seen much geopolitical tension in the Persian Gulf draw to a close, global leaders descend upon the...

Addressing the Ideological foundation of Extremist Groups like Daesh

To understand the ideological foundations of religious extremism, one has to track-down influential personalities in history. Whose works had either been manipulated or have...
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe

Geopolitics or Policy on the G20 Osaka Summit Menu?

The Group of Twenty’s (G20) Osaka Summit, to be held on June 28-29, is currently the focus of global media and expert attention; this...
Container Ship Evergreen

Are Free Markets Moral?

Adam Smith, famously known as the father of economics and the chief proponent of laissez-faire capitalist economy, enlightened us about an idea of an...
in remembrance of November 2015 Paris attacks victims

Understanding Terrorism Carried Out in the Name of Islam

On Easter Sunday, a wave of coordinated terrorist attacks hit Sri Lanka, killing hundreds of people. Authorities first blamed local group National Thowheeth Jama’ath...
The Wreath Laid by Secretary Kerry and French Foreign Minister Fabius Is Pictured Outside the Hyper Cacher Kosher Market in Paris

Designing Jihad: How Ideological Concepts Influence the Strategy of Salafi-jihadist Groups

Terrorism in its many shapes and forms is a strategy which has been employed by a variety of different groups throughout history. From the...

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