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The Perils of Weaponisation of AI

Who would have thought we’d be seeing AI (Artificial Intelligence) robots on chat shows in 2018! We also saw Sophia, a robot created by...
New York national guard during covid-19 pandemic

Immunity Passport or CommonPass Is Inevitable as COVID-19 Recoveries Keep Climbing

Time works in favour of the creation of COVID-19 immunity passports. Forgotten amid the fast-growing totals of global COVID-19 infections and deaths is the fast-growing...

How Technology Is Impacting Global Health

There are few gifts more precious than the gift of health. There are few rights more fundamental than the right to consistent, high-quality healthcare....
border control

How Borders Will Behave in the Post-Pandemic World?

During the heydays of globalization, the prospects for economic growth and political accommodation were bright enough to vouch for the possibility that borders will...
Black Lives Matter protest BLM

The global impact of the Black Lives Matter Movement, Part-2

Since 2013 the Black Lives Matter (BLM) Movement has transformed the debate around police brutality in the United States. However, the tangible impact of...
Oil refinery pump

OPEC Plus: An Oil World Sovereignty in Making

The oil is the most volatile and significant commodity. Its significance came into light post-World War II and from that time forward the commodity...
State Public Health Laboratory in Exton Tests for COVID19

A Comparative Study of the Novel Coronavirus in US, Brazil and India

Many blame U.S.’s current situation on the rather indifferent response of the U.S. government to the pandemic.
PM Imran Khan and President Erdogan

Pakistan’s Efforts to Internationalize Kashmir Will Create Fault Lines in the OIC

Pakistan's attempt to internationalize the Kashmir issue may create fault lines within the OIC.
Wind turbine

Renewable Energy: Why BRICS Needs to Take Charge

Renewable energy plays a vital role in achieving energy security – a pressing issue for developing countries such as India. Alliances such as BRICS...