Napoleon in Battle of Moskowa by Vernet

Historical perspective: Above and Beyond

The predilection to look back and rationalize any event or policy based on history has been an irresistible human tendency. Kissinger, speaking about this,...
Nuclear Waste material

How Nuclear Waste Impacts Marginalized Communities

Nuclear power is one of the most promising options for clean, sustainable energy. Unfortunately, however, this option does not come without its drawbacks. Historically,...

Immunity Passports Arrive Under a Different Name

As its name suggests, the immunity passport is a document attesting to the immunological status of its bearer. The proof it gives of immunity...
OIC members group photo session

A Leadership Crisis in the Muslim World

Israel’s recent bombardment of the Gaza Strip has killed a huge number of Palestinians, including children, with several residential apartment buildings, schools, hospitals, refugee...
Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine

Finding the Political Will in a Pandemic

On May 5, 2021, the United States Trade Representative Ambassador Katherine Tai  stated that the United States supports a temporary waiver on the intellectual...
Internet Shutdown Illustration

A Case for ‘Digital Refugees’ in the Age of Internet Shutdowns

Digital technology is briskly diversifying and metamorphizing the socio-economic structure in both developed and developing countries. We live in the new digital age, where...
USS Pickney, Princeton and John C Stennis

Indian Ocean and South China Sea: They Belong to Neither India nor China

One of the most interesting developments of the past week was India's protest against the United States. The reason for the protest was Freedom...

A Closer Look at Amazon: Are Unethical Working Conditions on the Rise?

Despite its continued popularity among shoppers around the world, Amazon’s reputation has taken quite a hit in recent years. And in 2021, the multi-billion-dollar...
Cyber Security

Reimagining Cyber Strategy

Strategy has always been a consequential idea, as it represents the pursuit of goals set against limited resources available at disposal. Across the history...

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