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Vladimir Putin

Russia’s New Move in Ukraine

In an attempt to tighten the screws on Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin, on April 24, signed a decree, simplifying the procedure for granting...
The Wreath Laid by Secretary Kerry and French Foreign Minister Fabius Is Pictured Outside the Hyper Cacher Kosher Market in Paris

Designing Jihad: How Ideological Concepts Influence the Strategy of Salafi-jihadist Groups

Terrorism in its many shapes and forms is a strategy which has been employed by a variety of different groups throughout history. From the...
Protest against Bouteflika

Plus Ҫa Change? Why True Change in Algeria Will be Difficult

Like many others around the world who have visited Algeria and follow its politics, I have been watching intently the development of the post-Bouteflika...
President Donald Trump

Towards a Neo-Monroe Doctrine: American Hegemony in the Trump Era

A profound change was taking place across the Americas in the 1820s. The gigantic realm of New Spain, once a pinnacle in the European...
Prime Minister Narendra Modi at 3rd India-Africa Forum Summit

Africa as India’s Top Priority: A Reinvigorated Push or Same Old Rhetoric?

India’s bilateral partnership with Africa continues to be defined by the spirit of developing together as equals. By sharing a similar colonial past and...
Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

Erdogan’s Kurdish Fighters

Shortly after 2018 re-election, Turkey’s Erdogan received a phone call from President Trump. Sarah Huckabee Sanders confirmed it was intended to “reaffirm the strong...
President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Washington, Another Stage in the Israeli Electoral Race

Last week was marked by important events affecting Israeli-American relations. On March 25, the United States recognized Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights which...
President Donald Trump

Growing Friction in US-China Relations: Manageable Differences or Major Crisis?

Major tensions on crucial security issues have not come in the way of economic and people-to-people ties between Washington DC and Beijing, over the...
Parliament Square floral tributes

Who, Why, What, When, Against Whom? The Problem With Researching the Effectiveness of Terrorism

Recent years have seen an increase in academic and policy interests regarding how individuals and groups come to choose terrorism as a tactic. Many...

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