Syrian Civil War: No End in Sight

The war in Syria has become complex and multi-sided.  Its roots are deep and widespread not just in the Middle East region but in...
President Xi Jinping

Xi Deserves a Third Term

The Xinhua Net published a short notice on Sunday, 25 Feb 2018, that CPC proposes change on Chinese president's term in Constitution. The Communist...
India Iran bilateral ties

India-Iran Bilateral Ties

India slowly but steadily is emerging as a strong economy and is well on her way to becoming the second largest potential market after China in...
Modi in Palestine

Modi’s Historic Palestine Visit: A New Era in India-Palestine Relations

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi   visited  Palestine on 10 February 2018 during his three-nations tour to the Middle East. Despite India’s historical support for...
North korea's nuclear weapon

Why is America So Concerned over North Korea’s Nuclear Program?

North Korea and US came close to a  clash in the year 2017 over  North Korea's nuclear program. The North  threatened to attack the...
Belt and Road Initiative Map

China’s Belt and Road Initiative: An Overview

China has a big dream about One Belt One Road or Belt and Road Initiative. The Chinese people believe that there will be a...
Is China Exempt from the Law of Economics

Is China Exempt from the Law of Economics?

Michael Shuman, a journalist and column writer on economics, wrote this in his latest article “What If China Is Exempt from the Laws of...
US troops in Afghanistan

How to Bring Peace in Afghanistan?

As a famous saying goes, "You must not fight too often with one enemy, or you will teach him all your art of war." The...
Shanghai City

Is there a next China?

Is there a next China? A lot of people will ask which country will be the “next China”? You’ll get a variety of responses...

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