September 11 attack

The Need for an Arab Index of Terrorism

An index is a quantitative, statistical measurement tool by which observed events, trends, and natural and human phenomena are converted to units and numbers....
Trump scraps Iran Nuclear Deal

Implications for the US withdrawal from Iran Nuclear Deal

The Supreme Leader of Iran, Ali Khamenei, delivered a speech to loyal followers of the Iranian government on 9th May 2018. Halfway through (and...
President Erdogan and Putin

To Make Sense of the Commonalities and Differences Between Today’s Turkey and Russia

To make sense of the commonalities and differences between Turkey and Russia, it is crucial to understand the importance of economic events as well...
India-China-US strategic triangle

Three Sides of a Triangular Relation: India, China and the US

The India-China-US strategic triangle is going to be the most important defining factor in the geopolitical history of the twenty-first century. The United States...
USS carl vinson in South China Sea

South China Sea: US-China Cold War in the Making

The world has been witnessing dramatic political development on the issue of the South China Sea for the last few years. The United States...
Riot police officers fired tear gas during a protest in Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo

Politics Behind Refusing Humanitarian Aid in the Democratic Republic of Congo

The ongoing conflict in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is one of world’s most longstanding and complex issue. The country has been ravaged by...
Hungarian President Viktor Orban

In Hungary’s Brewing Conflict with the EU, Orbán Holds All the Cards

The sweeping victory of Viktor Orbán’s increasingly nativist and authoritarian Fidesz in the recent Hungarian elections has sparked both international outcry and a renewed...

Strategic Planning in the 21st Century

There is a broad consensus among pundits, experts and strategic thinkers that the international order is in transition, if not in disarray, due to...
Northeast India map

The Origins and Causes of Insurgency in Northeast India

Northeast India is the most volatile and insurgency affected place in the country after Kashmir. It is the easternmost part of India. The region...

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