The global rise of India

The Global Rise of India

India has achieved tremendous success in various sectors. It has emerged as an important regional and global player for being an economic powerhouse, strong...
Stop Racism

Combating Racial Discrimination in the United States

Racial discrimination in the United States has been a widely discussed topic since last year’s presidential election. America is seen as a melting pot...
Stop Racism

A Reflection on Discrimination Against Muslims in America

Discrimination is defined as unfair and unjust treatment of people based on their religion, race, color or sex. History tells us, no country or...
Suu Kyi and Xi Jing Ping

China-Myanmar Relations: Issues and opportunities

China has profoundly influenced the geostrategic environment in Asia and the Pacific. Myanmar retains a crucial position in emerging Chinese regional order. The direction...

What will be the consequences if America attacks North Korea?

The United States' military is by far the most powerful and advanced in the world. There is no point in comparing the military might of...
Kim Jonng Un

When will North Korean Regime Collapse?

It is not clear when the North Korean regime will collapse. Predictions of the North Korean regime collapse have thus far did not come true. However, crippling sanctions are taking their tolls...
American Aircraft Carrier

Beyond the Smoke Screen: Deconstructing American Pivot to Asia

The United States' foreign policy community, academia and think tanks are still debating the idea of American pivot to Asia. According to John Mearsheimer and...

Most Likely Nuclear Targets in the US in the Event of a Nuclear War

Most likely nuclear targets in the United States In a nuclear war, most likely nuclear targets are the US ICBM sites, command and control centers, nuclear...
Missile launch North Korea

Will North Korea use its Nukes on the US?

The North Koreans dislike the Americans or the Westerners. The main reason behind the hatred is America's indiscriminate bombing in the Korean War. Nearly...

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