How strong is North Korea’s military?

According to the Global Firepower Index, North Korea's military is ranked 23rd in the world. A war between the United Nations and North Korea...
Indian Missiles

Imagining the Unimaginable: India-Pakistan Nuclear Confrontation

The possibility of a nuclear engagement between India and Pakistan is a ticking time-bomb waiting to explode in the geopolitical faultline of Indian Subcontinent....
China Taiwan

When Will China Use Force against Taiwan?

The Chinese government regards the unification of Taiwan is a vital part of “China Dream.” From the beginning, CCP’s main challenge was to unify Taiwan....
Nuclear Weapons Explosion

If USA or India Can Possess Nuclear Weapons, Why Cannot Iran?

The nuclear weapon is all about pure power politics. “Nuclear weapons function as the currency of power in the international system”. Remember, the United States...
North Korean Army parade

How Long Would North Korea Last in a War?

It is a hard question to answer. In World War I and World War II, axis powers thought that wars would be short and...
America China Destined for war

Are America and China Destined for War?

A Calculated or deliberate naval war between the United States and China is unlikely considering the current geopolitical dynamics; but misperceptions, misinformation, miscalculations or...
Taiwan map

Taiwan: Asia’s Next Geopolitical Flashpoint?

China maintains that Taiwan was always a part of China and it would unify Taiwan, if necessary by military means. War can break out...
us nuclear weapons

The Rationale Behind the Non Use of US Nuclear Weapons on North Korea

A nuclear war has become unimaginable in the twenty-first century. The scale of destruction which a nuclear war will bring would blank our mind....
Xi jing ping and Putin

Dynamics Behind Sino-Russian Rapprochement

A Sino-Russian alliance, perhaps an informal one might drive the flow of geostrategic events of the coming days of this century. Only the combined...

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