Prime Minister Teresa May

Britain’s Leadership Turmoil: A Tale Full of Sound and Fury, Signifying Nothing

This has, on the face of it, been an extraordinary few days in the unfolding story of Brexit. First, Prime Minister Theresa May delays...
PM Theresa May

B-Day: What Next for Britain’s Beleaguered Brexit Government?

With several days of Brexit related chaos behind us, it is worth taking stock of Britain's position and direction, with the proviso that things...
German Chancellor Angela Merkel

Continuity Throughout Crises: The Developing Legacy of Angela Merkel’s Greek Bailout Policy

As uncertainty prevails across the shifting political landscapes of many Western nations, the longevity, experience, and policies implemented by Angela Merkel should not be...
Banksy Brexit Mural

Brexit, Independence and Leadership: The Moral Poverty of “Global Britain”

The cruellest paradox arising from Britain’s decision to leave the European Union is that its formal independence from the voluntary group of democracies will...
Parliament of Sweden

Sweden’s Coming Crisis Could Eventually Be Europe’s

In less than a month, Swedes will cast their votes in the 2018 general election. Having entered parliament for the first time in 2010,...
European Union flag waving

Empowering EU Defence

EU Defence is becoming a hot topic on the EU agenda as the mistrust in transatlantic relations deepens. In order to empower the future...

The Nature of Democratic Backsliding in Europe

This article is part of the Reshaping European Democracy project, an initiative of Carnegie’s Democracy, Conflict, and Governance Program and Carnegie Europe. In Europe, as in...
EU China Summit

Trump Provides China an Opening in Europe

While Donald Trump and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin were busy gathering for a high-profile summit in Helsinki on Monday, a far less publicized...
Arctic Ice

Russian Strategy and Interests in the Arctic: Cooperation or Conflict?

The U.S. Geological Survey estimates that the Arctic could hold as much as 90 billion barrels of crude oil, or 13 percent of the...

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