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Technology connecting the world

Will the spread of technology end the nation state?

Nationalism is the life-blood and foundation of the nation-state. As long as there is nationalism, there will be nation-states. Now, the question is will...
Kim Jonng Un

When will North Korean Regime Collapse?

It is not clear when the North Korean regime will collapse. Predictions of the North Korean regime collapse have thus far did not come true. However, crippling sanctions are taking their tolls...
Unipolar World

Is It a Unipolar or Bipolar World?

Before 1990, there were two superpowers in the world. One was the United States of America and the other one was the Soviet Union....

Is Authoritarianism on the Rise?

No way our world is going back to the political settings of the nineteenth century. It is true that authoritarian governments and dictators are rising...
F 22

Emerging Multipolarity in Military Technology

Russia and China are rapidly bridging the existing gap with the United States in terms of military technology. We are witnessing an emerging multipolarity...