South Asia

Hazara of Daykundi province

The Agony of the Hazaras and the Indifference of the Afghan State

On July 23, 2016, two suicide bombers attacked protest rally organized by the Hazara community in Kabul, killing 88 people. This was the first...
Northeast India map

The Origins and Causes of Insurgency in Northeast India

Northeast India is the most volatile and insurgency affected place in the country after Kashmir. It is the easternmost part of India. The region...
Dynamics of India-China relations

The Dynamics of India-China Relations

The underlying dynamics of India-China relations is not necessarily zero-sum in nature. The previous year saw a few events that negatively impacted Sino-Indian relations....
US India relatons image

American Pivot to India: The Future of India-US Relations

India is an emerging power and going to be a key player in the geopolitical matrix of Asia and the Pacific. It is the...
Delhi Islamabad Dialogue on Kashmir

A Delhi-Islamabad Dialogue on Kashmir Issue

To de-escalate India- Pakistan tension, sincere and serious efforts are needed. For that, the international community as well as India and Pakistan must adopt...
Taliban Afghanistan

Talibanistan: The Ugly Palm Lines of Pakistan

The unimagined discrepancy between the anticipations and the status quo of the state of Afghanistan has turned the task of eliminating terrorism in Afghanistan...
Modi and Abe

AAGC Cannot Counter BRI but It Can Act as a Complementary

India is afraid of losing influence over its South Asian neighbours and is trying to counter Chinese Belt Road Initiative (BRI). While China is...
US troops in Afghanistan

How to Bring Peace in Afghanistan?

As a famous saying goes, "You must not fight too often with one enemy, or you will teach him all your art of war." The...
Rohingya Genocide

Rohingyas and the Case of Ethnic Cleansing

For generations, Muslim Rohingyas have faced persecution and discrimination in Myanmar. Even in the time of peace, they do not have access to jobs....

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