USS Hopper

US Last Efforts to Keep its Presence in the South China Sea

After a series of accidents involving US 7th Fleet based in Japan, the latest FONOP in the South China Sea conducted by USS Hopper...
The UN Security Council Meeting

From The Ruins of Unipolarity

The recent unilateral take by the US followed by backflip on several of its global policies from its traditional approach as a global cop...
Stop Racism

Combating Racial Discrimination in the United States

Racial discrimination in the United States has been a widely discussed topic since last year’s presidential election. America is seen as a melting pot...
Stop Racism

A Reflection on Discrimination Against Muslims in America

Discrimination is defined as unfair and unjust treatment of people based on their religion, race, color or sex. History tells us, no country or...

What will be the consequences if America attacks North Korea?

The United States' military is by far the most powerful and advanced in the world. There is no point in comparing the military might of...
American Aircraft Carrier

Beyond the Smoke Screen: Deconstructing American Pivot to Asia

The United States' foreign policy community, academia and think tanks are still debating the idea of American pivot to Asia. According to John Mearsheimer and...

Most Likely Nuclear Targets in the US in the Event of a Nuclear War

Most likely nuclear targets in the United States In a nuclear war, most likely nuclear targets are the US ICBM sites, command and control centers, nuclear...
us nuclear weapons

The Rationale Behind the Non Use of US Nuclear Weapons on North Korea

A nuclear war has become unimaginable in the twenty-first century. The scale of destruction which a nuclear war will bring would blank our mind....

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