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President Erdogan

Turkey in Central Asia, It Is Not Just About Schools and Construction

There is an abundance of quite informative analytical articles and scientific papers in Western media concerning the influence of China or Russia in Central...
Great game Russian bear and British Lion

The Great Game: Tale of a Century

The Great Game is a phrase often attributed to Rudyard Kipling who immortalized it through his classic spy novel Kim. In fact, it was...
Flag of Kyrgyzstan

Why Kyrgyzstan’s Liberal Traits Are Not to Be Found in Other Central Asian Stans?

The political situation that ensued after the latest parliamentary election in Kyrgyzstan this October took a rather dramatic but not at all untypical for...
Revolution of Hope Kyrgyzstan

Revolution of Hope in Kyrgyzstan: Who Won?

Kyrgyzstan is an impoverished former Soviet Union country, which managed to become the “democratic island” of the Central Asian region. It shares international borders...

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