Global Economy

Chinese Economic Ascendance, US Entangled Fortune and Its Repercussion

"There are many things we could do. We could cut off the whole relationship. Now if you did, what would happen? You would save...
Container ship

Covid-19 and the Future of Global Supply Chains

There have been numerous debates with regard to whether or not manufacturing companies will shift from China, once the coronavirus pandemic has been controlled,...
TPP signing

TPP and Globalization in a Post-Covid World

Many analysts and commentators have argued that in a post-coronavirus world, countries are likely to become more insular; and globalization which has been on...
New York National Guard response to coronavirus

Forward to the Past: Covid-19 and Our Brave New Future

No more kisses, handshakes or blowing out birthday candles. But that is alright. We can live with these changes. How people behave in the...
State Public Health Laboratory in Exton Tests for COVID-19

Immunity Passports: A Reliable Contribution to the End of Confinement

After publication of my article "International Immunity Passports Can Help Restore Freedom of Movement" in The Geopolitics on 8 April, some reactions have questioned the feasibility of these...
Kim Il Sung Square

Can North Korea’s Economy Survive the Covid-19 Shock?

The COVID-19 pandemic is not only consuming human life - as of now it has killed more than ninety-five thousand people around the world...
Empty street

Corona Bonds and the Weakening European Solidarity

The coronavirus outbreak in Europe is testing EU’s solidarity which was already challenged not so long ago by the 2008-09 economic crisis, the 2014...
Prime Minister Imran Khan

Coronavirus Economic Toll Mounts in Pakistan: Can It Reduce Dependence on China?

In the past few years, through the Belt and Road Initiative, Beijing has managed to increase its economic clout as well as its political...
Boulevard Saint-Germain, Paris

How to Prevent COVID-19 From Paralysing the World’s Economy

The COVID-19 pandemic is currently imposing confinement on 3 billion people, leading to the world economy being more or less paralyzed. The purpose of this...

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