Middle East

The Syrian Civil War: A Result of Hybrid War and Media Manipulation

Background The Syrian civil war started when the whole Arab world was experiencing the so-called ‘Arab Spring’, some protestors in the Syrian cities namely Darra...
Economic Dimension of the Syrian Civil War

The Economic Dimension of the Syrian Civil War

In its seventh year, the crisis in Syria became a major issue in the international media. The approaches to categorizing the violence in Syria...
Good, Bad and Ugly: The Historical Evolution of the Middle East

Good, Bad and Ugly: The Historical Evolution of the Middle East

The Middle East region as defined in this article includes the Arab countries, Iran and Turkey. Due to its geo-cultural characteristics, the Middle East...

Syrian Civil War: No End in Sight

The war in Syria has become complex and multi-sided.  Its roots are deep and widespread not just in the Middle East region but in...
India Iran bilateral ties

India-Iran Bilateral Ties

India slowly but steadily is emerging as a strong economy and is well on her way to becoming the second largest potential market after China in...
Modi in Palestine

Modi’s Historic Palestine Visit: A New Era in India-Palestine Relations

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi   visited  Palestine on 10 February 2018 during his three-nations tour to the Middle East. Despite India’s historical support for...
Nuclear Weapons Explosion

If USA or India Can Possess Nuclear Weapons, Why Cannot Iran?

The nuclear weapon is all about pure power politics. “Nuclear weapons function as the currency of power in the international system”. Remember, the United States...

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