EU flags in front of the European Commission

International Trade Politicization and Institutional Development: The New Bargaining Power of the EU

Despite the new wave of neo-mercantilist trade policies induced by the Trump administration; the great majority of the economic analysts continue to consider international...
Russian President Vladimir Putin

Russia: How to Lose Donbass and Save Face

Kiev authorities are reportedly actively preparing for the reintegration of Donbass with Ukraine. Even though the shelling on the front line still goes on,...
Pakistan Navy Ships

The Benefits of UK-Pakistani Military Cooperation

Increased military activity in the Gulf of Oman is the most recent example of the need for British military presence worldwide. Following a new...
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson

What is Boris Johnson’s Brexit Strategy?

The UK’s new Prime Minister is not noted for his grasp of details or his long-term strategic planning, although his rise to power suggests...
Russian Aircraft Carrier Admiral Kuznetsov

The Role of the Blue Water Navy in Russian Diplomacy

July 28th marked Russia’s Naval Day, one of the series of military holidays celebrated in the country. The highlight of this year’s festivities was...
NATO Summit in Brussels

NATO’s Intrinsic Mission

“An Uncertain Message in a Period of Reckless Diplomacy” For democratic nations to function, prosper, and indeed act as an example for aspiring democracies, democracy...
European Parliament

What Do the European Parliament Elections Mean for Brexit and the UK?

The results of the European Parliament Elections in the UK confirm what was already well known: Theresa May´s attempts to deliver a version of...
Russian President Vladimir Putin

Russia’s New Move in Ukraine

In an attempt to tighten the screws on Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin, on April 24, signed a decree, simplifying the procedure for granting...
Putin with Alexander Lukashenko

Belarus: Maintaining the Balance with Russia

In response to the Russian phytosanitary regulatory authority’s decision to temporarily ban imports of Belarusian apples and pears, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, ordered the...

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